Road to Rich's is a private party for good people and good music, steeped in the spirit of Festival.  Now in its 26th year, the Road to Rich's began in 1992 as a humble celebration of music, art, fun, and most of all, Zuni Rich himself.  If you know Rich at all it comes as no surprise that over the years his annual birthday party has evolved into a wonderful festival attended by many friends, both new and old, from all over the country.  Rich has always connected people through music, and all are welcome. There are a few things you need to know though...

No fires! (Unless Rich lights it himself).  A communcal bonfire may be lit if the local Fire Department gives us the OK.

No dogs, cats, goats, ferrets, monkeys, parrots, penguins, or pets of any kind larger than a hermit crab. (Children are welcome!)

No drums in the campground.  People like to pick acoustic instruments in the campground, which is incompatible with drum circles.

Pack it in/Pack it out.  It's Rich's birthday; don't leave him your trash!

Camping on Rich's property is a treat and is encouraged.  After all, you don't have a lot of options in Ramah.  Please respect the land and leave it as you find it.  Port-a-potties are provided but not much else.  We ask that you respect the privacy of Rich's house throughout the weekend.

Most of all, have fun and be nice!