Your host, as well as the birthday boy, is Richard Martin. Rich has dedicated his life to selfless service of others in need of his calming and inspirational guidance. Following an epic tour of duty with the Eckard Foundation working with troubled kids on the east coast, Rich settled in Ramah in 1991 to teach special education on the Zuni reservation. Along the way, Rich has gathered friends from near and far, bringing us together in celebration of life through music. Whether you first encountered him under the Texas flag flying from his bus in a Grateful Dead show parking lot decades ago, or at last year's party, its easy to see that Road to Rich's is a powerful expression of his spirit.  Rich started inviting folks over to make tie dyes for his birthday over 2 decades ago, and that tradition grew into one of New Mexico's most legendary parties.  Welcoming some of the finest bluegrass and Americana bands you'll encounter anywhere, Road to Rich's is now the most festive birthday celebration west of the Pecos.

Bevin Owens is the Tie Dye Party's Technical Director, keeping it all together and making Road to Rich's work.  Bevin handles booking, budgeting, marketing, lighting and scheduling, which is good work if you can get it.  After all these years it now takes a full-size truck and trailer to get all of Bevin's festival gear to Ramah.